Lymphoma and Leukemia Patients Needed

Hey guys please see below if you are a Lymphoma or Leukemia patients and want to paticipate in an interview. - Thanks, Jill

Hi, everyone! 
We’re Shapiro+Raj, a medical market research firm. We’re putting together some paid, web-assisted interviews for individuals with follicular lymphoma nationally, as well as paid study sessions for individuals with acute myeloid leukemia in the Chicago area.
Our Lymphoma study will investigate the patient journey of individuals who are currently facing the choices of treating medical conditions, so that we may better understand their current headspace, their mindsets and how treatments options impact their life. This study will be used to start and foster better conversations with patients during their treatment journey. Anyone who is scheduled for a study and completes it will be awarded an honorarium of $150.
Our Leukemia study would be opinion-based. During the interview, respondents will be asked about key decisions and turning points in your experience – from the time you were first diagnosed up until today. This information will be used to improve future patient experiences. Anyone who is scheduled for a study and completes our Leukemia study would be awarded an honorarium of $200.
Participation is confidential and for research purposes only. Any identifying information will stay between the research firm and the moderator. These research studies are designed to learn more about patients’ point of view.
If you feel you might want to be a part of our Lymphoma study, you can apply online at: Lymphoma study

If you feel you might want to be a part of our Leukemia study, you can apply online at:
Leukemia study
For more information or for any questions, please email

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