Here is my Plan Should My Cancer Recur

This is a guest blog post from StoreMyTumor. I remember hearing about these types of services after getting cancer. But it was too late for me. I just rushed through treatment. Something good to be aware of as an option for others or if you cancer ever comes back. 


Living in Fear … Here is my Plan Should My Cancer Recur

My Story

It was 6 years ago, I went for my first ever mammogram at 40 years old. I didn't think much of it as breast cancer doesn't run in my family. After the scan of my breasts I went home and waited for the results.  I was called back for more imaging the next day and then was told to take a seat in the waiting room for what seemed like forever.  I was brought back to the radiologist’s office to be told I most likely had breast cancer and needed to see a surgeon right away.

When I saw the surgeon that week I had a stereotactic biopsy which is how I found out I had cancer.  Waiting those 2 days for the results seemed like forever, but at least we caught everything early. When we had our appointment the following week the plan was for a lumpectomy followed by 7 weeks of radiation. I wanted the surgery as soon as possible so it was scheduled for 2 weeks later. Everything went by so fast and I don't think even to this day I really remember how I actually felt as I just wanted to get it out and over with.

I have thought so many times what would happen if my breast cancer was to come back- what would I do? I had all the genetic testing so the chances of it coming back were pretty slim but you never know. Fortunately, I am in remission, for now …

Now, to the important topic …. What is My Plan if it Recurs?

I have done a lot of research and have found out a lot of information I wish I had known 6 years ago. First, I would store my tumor tissue and take a more personalized approach to my cancer. I have found that StoreMyTumor is the global leader in tumor preservation. With the stored tissue I can have diagnostic testing done to find out the genetic markers of my tumor and to find the right targeted drugs to kill my cancer cells. I can also use the tumor to create treatments that activate the immune system to fight the cancer and minimize the chance of relapse.  Every tumor is unique and contains information critical to treatment, but tumors are not preserved alive by the hospital and routinely discarded as medical waste.

Why are more and more patients requesting that their tumors be stored?

Because they achieve a new level of control of their Cancer management. In this day and age there is no reason to settle for the standard of care when there are better or more options out there. You just need to find them and be your own advocate to save your life!

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Great info. Thank you for posting and sharing. Pancreatic cancer Action Network or pan can
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This plan seems to make sense. I am currently 8 years out, and I'm sure that in the past 8 years there have been advancements in cancer treatment that I'm not aware of. But, if cancer does return, I will definitely consider StoreMyTumor (if that is current at the time).

Thank you for posting the information.

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As always saying before I was so rudely interrupted by hitting the wrong thing on God damn screen... Pancan has been advocating for at least a couple of years now they have a particular name for it I can't remember right now but the same genetic testing of the tumor so that treatment can be more specifically targeted to the type of tumor that the person has. Insurances have been reluctant to pay but sometimes they do. Again thanks for sharing ...the more info the better. And I pray that anyone who has had cancer initially and is now cancer-free may they stay that way as long as they live. Amen.
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Good info. I did not know.
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I thought I read somewhere, time-permitting, they take your biopsy in a lab, split it up and try a dozen different sample chemos on the biopsy slabs to which ones cause the cancer/tumor to shrink the most, and which ones just cause damage. Anyone else hear about this? And I would have made use of the local "Victory Center" ACS, but I was in the "do your everyday job mode" and forget about cancer mode during my treatments. Bad plan as my brain caught up with the reality a year later. And, how I wish that I'd known about our BFAC family! May not have to have a second or third go-round; once is enough! MGBY,
Papa John
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I know. I heard the same thing after I was done with treatment. Would of been nice to know before.
Thanks so much for sharing this information. Shortly after starting chemo/radiation I asked if my tumor could be stored. At the time they told me they did not do that for anal cancer. I am only 4 years out and have heard from others that have had theirs tested. I do feel you have to be your own advocate as the doctors will only tell you so much .
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That is great information. Thank you for sharing it.
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Thanks for sharing!
I wonder if Medicaid or Medicare would pay. If not how much is it? Also wondering what cancers benefit from this?
Sabina, this is what they said.
Insurances do not typically pay for our service although I always tell them to submit their invoice to insurance as you never know. Our service covers all types of cancers and we work with solid tumors and ascites as well. The cost for our services is around $5000 and then $49 per month to store the tumor tissue.
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